A social-enabled gift exchange platform.

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Secret Santa Shuffle is an easy and convenient way to run your anonymous holiday gift exchange. You can create multiple gift exchanges to share with family, friends and co-workers. Simply choose a date for your exchange, choose a spending limit or range, and invite your friends from your contact list or Facebook.


Once all of your friends have accepted your invitation, Secret Santa Shuffle will match the members of your exchange with their Secret Santa. You can even restrict certain exchange members from getting each other. Once your shuffle is complete, each exchange member gets an email letting them know who their Secret Santa recipient is. Shhhh...don't tell, it's a secret!


Once your shuffle is complete, it's time to shop! Haven't the foggiest on what to buy? Each exchange member can set up a gift list. You can view your Secret Santa Shuffle recipient's gift list and pick a present in the price range for your exchange. Shop from a wish list or choose from hundreds of items in many categories such as DVDs, Books, Games, and more!